Macquarie University

2018: An Introduction to the Slow Academia Movement


Academic life is increasingly defined by speed, productivity, efficiency and measurement. This culture of speed expresses the business-like aspect of the university, which focusses on increasing output and quantifying success.

But is it commensurate with the sense of time and space needed to pursue research?

Researchers in the Slow Academia Movement argue that the ‘time crunch’ is both a personal and institutional issue, ‘detrimental to intellectual work’ and the creative, critical thinking that supports it. They advocate nothing short of revolution - in the way we think and write, and talk and teach.

In this panel discussion, Dr Michelle Jamieson (HDR Learning Skills), Dr Agnes Bosanquet (Faculty of Human Sciences) and Dr Andrew Duntsall (Faculty of Arts) debate the merits of slowness and discuss the challenges that HDR candidates, ECRs and untenured academics face in adopting slowness as part of their academic practice.

The panel is put on jointly by HDR Learning Skills and the Faculty of Arts HDR Admin. It is open to all Macquarie staff and students and will be recorded on the HDR Learning Skills ilearn unit ECHO block.

Date: Tuesday 04 September 2018
Time: 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Mid Career/Senior Researchers

HDR/MRes candidates

Early Career Researchers

Venue: 12SW 226 (C5A 226)
Facilitator(s): Dr Demelza Marlin
This workshop has already been completed. Registration is now closed.