Macquarie University

2018: REP - Darwinian Medicine

Evolutionary theory is a powerful approach to many phenomena encountered by practicing medicine, including antibiotic resistance, personalised medicine, tumour cell evolution. This half-day workshop will explore how an evolutionary approach and medical practice can be mutually informative by pairing evolutionary biologists with medical practitioners from the fields [tentatively]:
  • Nutrition and the gut biome
  • Virus/human interactions
  • Cancer treatment
  • Neuro degenerative disorders
  • Infectious diseases
This workshop aims to:
  • Explore research connections and collaborations between biological and medical researchers (with the possibility of further workshops to develop and foster collaborations around ‘wicked problems’)
  • Increase opportunity to meet researchers working on similar topics across faculties
  • Identify opportunities to embed Darwinian medicine principles into curriculum
  • Build collegial and collaborative relationships across Faculties and with external groups.
Date: Thursday 11 October 2018
Time: 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM

HDR/MRes candidates

Early Career Researchers

Mid Career/Senior Researchers

Venue: Continuum Room, level 3 75 Talavera road.
Facilitator(s): Steve Simpson, Helen Rizos and Marie Herberstein
This workshop has already been completed. Registration is now closed.